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:arrow: Hate the grind of oh-so-serious-business "professional pvp corps" that treat eve killboard-padding like a job?

:arrow: Are you fun, sexy, stylish with a wicked sense of humour and genuine ability to laugh at the absurdities of the system (while blowing it to a million pieces?)

:arrow: Do you despise the hypocrisy of NBSI corps that claim to want more targets then NAP every threat in sight (often while hiding in a station)?

:arrow: Want to find an environment where original thinking is encouraged and you can fit a small neutralizer on a drake if you want too?

:arrow: Be an individual, mean more than your killboard stats, wind up the serious-business elite pvper's a treat every time we score a victory and laugh about it with good friends?

Well then!

Jericho Fraction
is a small-gang pvp corporation recruiting pilots to join the Free Space revolution in New Eden.

Six years ago we founded with NRDS ROE at the heart of our philosophy and we have remained true to the principle throughout our long history. Our identity is pledged to the struggle for self-determination and rejection of all imposed authority. Our pilots define themselves in space by courage and cunning in the face of more numerous regressive foes pressed lockstep to the demands of their debased masters.

Our corporate ideals are expressed through our politics and the active choices we make in-game. We are anarchists seeking the overthrow of collectivist folly, we are guerrilla heroes seeking liberation of human spirit, we are radicals and provocateurs, freedom-fighters and partisans. We see the big-battalions of the recidivist fleet and we strike from cloak and deadly surprise, picking off the weak and humiliating the clumsy giants of tyranny and escaping to sing the songs of victory in the company of our fellows.

In-space we practise innovative tactics and guerrilla techniques to bring war and liberating violence against those who profit from oppression and deny free commerce to the post-human capsuleers of the star cluster. We hunt our foes in fast skirmish ships, we run black ops insertions into the enemy heartlands, we deploy captured Amarrian battleships to unleash the pure coherent enlightenment of our lasers, with escalation protocols ranging from EW supremacy in ghetto cruisers to fullscale capital deployment and strategic cruiser supremacy as target and need arise.

Jericho Fraction pilots are disciplined fighters, mercilessly crushing imperialist dogs while respecting neutrality and encouraging free-trade and economic development throughout the star cluster.

We recruit mature and confident individualists with an appetite for enduring revolution and the stomach for bright acts of creative destruction. Our comrades are self-sufficient and enduring, prepared to learn new war-arts and techniques to operate in conjunction with fellow pilots, while embracing the ideology of the Free Captain as they light the liberating fires of battle in New Eden.

Recruiting check-list:

:arrow: Attracted by the ideology of the corporation

:arrow: Friendly and mature outlook on gaming

:arrow: Active and team-orientated

:arrow: Economically self-sufficient

:arrow: No thieving, scamming or exploiting.

:arrow: 18+ at the time of application

:arrow: No accounts/alts in other player corporations/alliances

:arrow: Have Teamspeak 3 client installed and tested

:arrow: Commitment to follow the Star Fraction ROE

At the minimum new Jericho Fraction pilots should be skilled to fly armor and shield buffered battlecruisers and begin stealth bomber training (if not already certified) on application. All recruits should be prepared to accommodate new fleet concepts and training priorities in their skill planning ahead.

If the interview is successful you will be invited to trial with Jericho Fraction (usually 2-3 weeks) where you will make yourself available for combat patrols and alliance musters and be expected to maintain a minimum reship standard at the current operational base.

Corporate Benefits:

For successful recruits Jericho Fraction offers a superb play environment in one of Eve Online's defining guerilla warfare corporations. We provide a relaxed and mature player base, excellent logistics and operational support, a massive red-list of reactionary dogs waiting to be removed from their ships and a bright cause of revolutionary mayhem and anarchist liberation waiting to be achieved.

We are a corporate meritocracy with no restrictions on ambition and achievement and on completion of the trial period you will be invited to play a full role in alliance democracy and decision-making at the open councils of owner-captains as we choose our targets and select our campaign priorities to come.

So if you fancy yourself a revolutionary free captain in the making please make a new topic on the JF Membership enquiries (needs sign-up) with [JERIC] CHARACTER NAME in the title.

Be sure to respond to the recruiting Check List in the body of your application and include whatever other supporting information about your character and player experience and ambitions in the game you can think of.

After making the formal written application please join and look for our recruiters in the
Star Fraction Public channel in-game and chase them for an interactive interview!

Recruitment contacts for Jericho Fraction include:

ChipMo, Tara Armitage

Freedom is the will to make a choice from a broader cross section of possibilities. Star Fraction is an expression of rebellious vision and stubborn reckless chutzpah in the face of authority. Trust nothing beyond the outcome of healthy cynicism and eccentric individualism combined with reckless passion and the courage to dream." - Jade Constantine

"We have no wish to become masters or gods. After all, how could our ambitions be so mediocre? Consider the weakness of masters and the fallibility of gods. No, we fight for one essential cause: the realization of human potential by means of absolute sovereignty of the self. Anyone who willingly opposes this cause is our deadly foe and we shall treat them accordingly- The Cosmopolite

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